fertilize lawn aerate mow keep longer in heat of summer

  1. Make sure you are encouraging your plants to grow deep roots. To achieve that, watering must be done in such a way that it actually helps your lawn get such deep roots. You need to check on your sprinklers, and see the amount of water they are actually delivering to your lawn. At the same time, you should make sure they are aimed correctly.
  2. Aerating your soil can be another great way to ensure a healthy lawn during springtime. This can help roots grow stronger.
  3. Fertilizing your lawn is yet another good way to improve its general appearance and well-being. Ideally, you should fertilize your lawn after the aeration.  Keep track with when to fertilize lawn in Denver with a handy calendar.
  4. Weed control can be another good method to care for your lawn. For instance, it is much easier to prevent weeds from developing in the first place, than to have to control them later on, in the summer.
  5. In case you have piles of snow on your lawn, the best idea is to break them down and carry them to a sunnier area, where they can melt faster and get into the ground. That is because snow piles can cause the appearance of fungi.
  6. Spring can be the ideal time for seeding your lawn.