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Planting vegetables in the spring is a much expected moment for most gardeners. Apart from offering such a healthy and pleasant activity, planting early veggies also ensures the fact that they will later enjoy the sweet fruits of their own labor.

So here are five vegetables that can be safely planted in the spring:

  1. Snow peas can be planted even if the frosty season has not left yet. They can be planted about four weeks before the last spring frost is expected to occur. Generally, you can harvest this vegetable about 60 days after planting.
  2. Lettuce is one of the easiest to grow spring vegetables. Seeds can be planted about two months before the last expected spring frost. There are thousands of lettuce varieties to choose from.
  3. Kale is an amazingly healthy veggie which can be planted early in the springtime, when the soil rises up to 40 degrees F.
  4. Radishes are another great idea for your spring vegetable garden. There is a huge variety of shapes and colors to choose from.
  5. Broccoli should ideally be grown from starter plants, which can be planted in pots about six weeks before being planted in the garden.  For the best organic garden soil look to The Richlawn Company for a wide variety of lawn and garden products.