Top 5 tips green lawn organic fertilizer brown spots eliminated

In order to get rid of brown spots on your lawn, you need first to determine what exactly causes them to appear. There can be several reasons why brown spots are present on your lawn. First of all, there can be some larvae called grubs. They are, in fact, beetle larvae which can do a lot of damage to your lawn by eating the plants’ roots. Another good reason is the so-called brown lawn disease, which is caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia. This may affect your lawn especially in hot and wet weather, starting from the middle of the summer season.

In case you discover the presence of fungus on your lawn, applying fungicide may be the right solution. However, it is highly recommended that you call on professionals to do this kind of work.

Excessive humidity can also lead to the appearance of brown spots. Over-seeding may be yet another sound reason why this may happen. Dogs can be another common cause for brown spots.

At the same time, another frequent reason why there may be brown spots on your lawn is if there were any recent fertilizers applied. This issue could be solved by using water to dilute the chemicals.  Best  yet, try organic fertilizers from that will not burn your grass or cause brown spots.