Lawn Care Tips When To Fertilize How Short To Cut Lawn Colorado Seasons


The lawn is the one that creates the feeling of home, of nature and it can totally change the appearance of the yard: it makes it look bigger, cleaner and more arranged. Fortunately, the lawn does not need daily care, but you will still have to spend a few hours a month maintaining it, performing various operations with different tools. In addition, depending on the season, the lawn will need specific care so that it remains healthy and looks perfect, year long.

Read on about some tips to care for your lawn in the summer.

  • The grass should not be cut more than a third, in order to maintain its lush appearance. If you cut the lawn too shortly in the summer, the heat will “dehydrate” it, so it will lose its nutrients.
  • To make sure that humidity will not negatively contribute to the health of your lawn, irrigate early in the morning, to give your lawn enough time to receive water and not suffer after the heat of the day dries it.
  • The lawn must be fertilized in early summer, sometime in June. You should apply a slow-release fertilizer with a balanced nutrient content, which will help your lawn during the next months.  You can find schedules as to when to fertilize lawn in Colorado for best results.
  • The warm season also brings insects to the garden, and some of them may pose a real danger to the health of the lawn. Once detected, make sure you use the right solution to get rid of them.
  • Avoid scarification and aeration during the summer, because you only allow the heat to affect your lawn to a much greater extent.