Time for action liquid fertilizer on lawn spring seasonOrganic liquid grass fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for any type of plant, with certification in organic agriculture. They can be used for plants grown in gardens or in pots indoors, in greenhouses and solariums.

 Such a product is ideal for those who want to use BIO products in their garden and thus obtain the healthiest crops possible.

Preparing for organic fertilization

  1. The first step to take when fertilizing your lawn is to make a plan, by taking into account the following aspects: what area should be covered, what type of lawn you have, what kind of soil there is in your garden, what kind of fertilizer you will use and for how long, what kind of equipment do you need for the lawn fertilization and how much fertilizer will you need to use.
  2. Mix the fertilizer with water, in the dose and dilution recommended by the manufacturer, adapted to the surface to be fertilized.
  3. With the help of a pump, apply the fertilizer as evenly as possible, on the desired surface, according to the plan.
  4. At the end of the application, use water on the areas adjacent to the lawn, so as not to stain the alleys.
  5. After fertilization, either on the same day or the next day, lightly irrigate the lawn so that the fertilizer begins the process of decomposition and release of nitrogen. Together with water, temperature and the particular requirements of the lawn, the microbial activity of the soil also contributes to the proper decomposition and action of the fertilizer.