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If you’re looking to plant new bulbs in your garden, there’s a lot to learn about before you get started. The following quick tips should assist you in taking your first steps:

  1. Select the right bulbs. There are so many different types of bulbs for you to consider, so you should definitely take your time researching their qualities and how well they might grow in your area.
  2. Choose the adequate spot for your bulbs to flourish properly. Typically, bulbs will grow best in full sun and in a well-drained patch of soil.
  3. Make sure you plant each different type of bulb at the right time and account for seasonal changes. There are different bulbs that bloom and grow best in the spring, summer and even fall. Make sure you read up on which ones should be planted in the season you’re in right now, and account for how seasons change in your area and how quickly you might go from spring to summer, depending on the local climate.
  1. The pointy side goes up. This is a common issue that beginning gardeners have, as they don’t know which side should go where as they plant their bulbs. The rule is always to orient them with the pointier side facing upwards.
  2. Make sure to plant your bulbs deep enough use a good organic potting mix to add to existing soil. A rule of thumb is to ensure that the hole you dig for your bulb is about twice as deep as the height of the bulb itself. So, for instance, if the bulb you’re planting is 2 inches tall, a hole that’s about 4-5 inches deep will suffice.