Top Tips Organic lawn care

Using organic fertilizers for your organic lawn care can be an excellent idea. And there are some good tips and tricks that you can apply in order to make the use of fertilizers more effective. Here are 4 major tips:

  1. Be careful when using your fertilizer. Thus, you should check the weather forecast prior to using organic fertilizers, because the wind and the rain can lead to fertilizer’s running off from your garden or lawn.
  2. Avoid fertilizing too early in the spring. Although it may be tempting to take steps as early as possible, experts recommend people not to start fertilizing earlier than May.
  3. Store fertilizing products in a safe place, making sure you cannot possibly mistake them for food. And to do that you should always keep fertilizers in their original containers. Keeping your fertilizers away from pets and children is also very important, even when you are only using organic products.
  4. Ask for help from a gardener or a lawn care professional when you want to apply fertilizer to your cultivated areas. These people have the required time, knowledge and skills in order to do a safe and efficient job, while also keeping you and your dear ones safe from unwanted accidents or other mishaps.