helpful tips slow release fertilizer results


Greening up your garden with the help of slow release fertilizer can be a great way to start your gardening season this year. This type of fertilizer can help plants bloom on their very own schedule.

Slow-release fertilizers are some kinds of plant food which gardeners tend to use in order to provide their plants with nutrients for a longer period of time. They can be used both for indoor plants and for taking care of your lawn.

These fertilizers work by releasing microbes and micronutrients into the soil. By releasing healthy substances, the roots can develop and the general health of the plants is greatly improved, depending on the soil conditions and temperatures. So unlike quick-release fertilizers, SRFs start their microbial activity in a more gradual manner.

In order to spice things up with organic slow release fertilizers, you can use 3 major tips:

  1. The use of slow-release fertilizers should be in accordance with the specificity of the plant life, namely if they are perennials, annuals or grass lawns.
  2. Test your soil in order to understand what type of nutrients is missing from your garden’s soil.
  3. Begin to apply the fertilizer that best suits your plants’ needs.