Lawn Care Pet Friendly Fertilizer To Use

If you have a dog, you know you have to take it outside at least two times per day. But the problem is, when it urinates on your lawn, this can be really harmful for your grass. The thing about dog urine is that it contains a high percentage of nitrogen, and this can lead to brown spots or dark green spots.

In order to keep your dog from urinating on your lawn, here are a few major tips:

  1. Water it properly. That is the best way you can prevent it from being affected by dog pee. Ideally, you should wash it off right after you dog pees on the lawn, to flush salts and nitrogen from the soil.  It’s also good to apply a good pet friendly lawn fertilizer to help the lawn and also keep your pet safe.
  2. Choose an especially designated spot for your dog to go to the bathroom. Training your dog to do that is most effective in preventing your dog from urinating on your lawn. Using gravel or mulch instead of grass in that designated area can be yet another great option.
  3. Keep mowing your lawn higher, not lower, to prevent it from getting too dry and therefore vulnerable to outside elements, including dog pee. The height of the grass depends on the exact plant species.