Long Term Grass Fertilizer Use

Organic fertilizers are typically made of manure, i.e. animal waste, or of compost, which is vegetal waste. When using organic fertilizers long term, the structure of the soil gets highly improved. This increases the soil’s ability to retain water and the much needed nutrients.

Being rich in organic matter, organic grass fertilizer helps microbes thrive. At the same time, they increase the biodiversity of the species, to name but a few of their numerous advantages. In order to grow healthy, plants need water, enough sunlight and good nutrients.

In case you want to use organic fertilizers for your garden, here are 3 useful tips:

  1. Test your soil, and thus find out if there are any specific substances that are missing from it and which are essential to the type of plants you want to grow. Your choice of organic fertilizer should be based on this testing.
  2. Even in the case of organic fertilizers, reading and following the instructions on the package remains important.
  3. Avoid using the fertilizer too often. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers actually feed the soil, and nutrients are released at a slow pace. This means that they plants receive the food they need at the exact time when they need it.