richlawn raised bed garden mix best compostFight weeds and pests

The plants in the garden compete, often without chances of success, with weeds, for water, nutrients in the soil and sunlight. Without effective weed control from the earliest stages of vegetation, the vegetable harvest will, at best, be reduced. In cases of severe infestation, crops can be completely compromised, in which case you should start with careful weeding operation. This will also help loosen the soil, which will facilitate the absorption of water and nutrients.

Fertilize the garden

Organic fertilizers, i.e. natural fertilizers obtained from organic matter, should be the basis for fertilization in vegetable gardens. Probably the most popular is using the best compost for garden, but there is a growing selection of organic fertilizers in stores that can help you save a failing garden.

Water the garden properly

No plant can survive without water. However, not all have the same needs, and precisely for this reason watering the soil properly is one of the basic things that must be done for saving a failing garden.  Plants need to be watered every 2 to 10 days depending on their type and the local climate. As a general rule, remember that it is better to water them more deeply and less often than superficially and more often.