use best lawn fertilizer to green up grass get healthyLawns do not usually get damaged overnight. In fact, the degradation can be a really slow, yet sure process. So there can be some clear signs that your lawn is not doing its best, so that you can take the best measures in due time and thus avoid losing your lawn altogether.

Here are 3 commonly encountered signs to watch out for:

  1. The number of weeds is on the rise. When these weeds appear, it is a clear indicator that your lawn is not in its best possible shape, and that you should try and do something about as soon as you possibly can. These measures may include better watering, fertilizing, improving the mowing techniques, aerating the soil, etc.
  2. You notice there are fungi on your lawn. The main reasons for this may be too much humidity or improper drainage. With the help of an experienced team, you can take measures to naturally fight this threat to the health of your lawn.
  3. Your lawn has lost its vivid green color –this certainly is a warning sign not to be missed out. The composition of the soil may be the cause for this. Another reason may be related to fertilizing issues or to improper watering, so be sure to use the best lawn fertilizer that is organic for immediate nutrients.