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Whether we’re talking about pests or pets, animals might enjoy the taste or scent of some of your plants, so some of them will take a liking to your garden. The following tips should help you keep them away in an effective and humane way:


  1. If you have household pets, start training them to stay away from your garden and your fragile plants.
  2. Put up a small fence, if needed, and make sure that any cats and dogs you have will not go near it.
  3. An electronic or invisible fence is also a good idea. This type of fence will emit a small electric current or inaudible sound that will discourage animals from getting near it.
  4. Keep your animals inside for the most part, and make sure that they are supervised when they go outside.
  5. Train cats, dogs and other pets to play in the back yard in an area that’s farther away from your garden.
  6. Treat your garden with natural substances from The Richlawn Company and put natural scents that animals don’t like.
  7. Plant herbs that your pets or other animals don’t like getting near (usually because of their scent).
  8. Set up a security camera to see what types of animals get into your garden, so you’ll know what to use to keep them away.
  9. Plant sensitive herbs and plants inside of an area surrounded by herbs that rabbits and other pests don’t like.
  10. Place humane traps around the garden so you can capture any pests and then set them free farther away from your house.