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“Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones.” ~Author Unknown

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The support and acceptance of our organic fertilizer products over the years from our loyal customers. We take our responsibility to you very seriously to provide the best quality products available anywhere at a fair price. And when we say “Made in Colorado for Colorado soils” we mean it.

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All our organic products are 100% organic, or organic-based, and we have been producing these organic fertilizers and products for over 30 years; well before it became fashionable to “go green”. Our organic based products are perfect for flower gardeners, garden beds and produce a rich healthy soil.

The Best Organic Fertilizer For Colorado Lawns

These photos are from consumers who have used our organic fertilizer for their lawns. Because of all of the great pictures of Richlawn lawns we are receiving, we are featuring them right here on the home page of our website. Each week or so we will add a new organic fertilizer product, so if you have a photo of your lawn or garden you are particularly proud of please send them to us. When you  send us your photo of your lawn or garden for our photo galleries include your name and city, so we can give you the credit, and we will post them for everyone to see (including your neighbors).

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The Best Organic Lawn Products

Our product brands include: Richlawn Turf FoodsPro-Rich Turf FoodsNature’s Cycle Fertilizer, Richlawn Winterizer, EKO Compost and soil mixesNature’s Yield soilsGro-Rich fertilizers and Garden SoilSecond Harvest Mulch and Earth Essentials soil amendments. Our organic fertilizers include natural chicken manure-based fertilizers, winter lawn food, organic soil amendments, pet-friendly grass and lawn fertilizers and we continue to develop new products to help you. In addition, we produce custom-blended fertilizers for golf courses and other professional users all around the U.S. Much more information about each organic lawn fertilizer and product is available as you explore the website.

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If you have any comments about our organic fertilizers, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear your success stories with our healthy soil products.

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Organic Fertilizers vs. Chemical Fertilizers

Manures, compost, and bone meal are all examples of organic fertilizers produced directly from plant or animal materials. Because they go through a manufacturing process, inorganic fertilizers like ammonium sulfate or ammonium phosphate are often referred to as commercial or manufactured fertilizers. Although many originate from naturally occurring mineral deposits, some inorganic fertilizers such as potassium chloride and potassium nitrate do not.

Synthetic Fertilizers

On the other hand, inorganic fertilizers are made up of only a few elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and sometimes trace minerals separately or in combination. Plants require a constant supply of these minerals. They are readily available to plants, but because they are rapidly lost from the soil, you may have to fertilize them many times during the growing season unless you use a specially developed, slow-release form.

Nitrate, for example, is readily available for absorption by plant roots. If you just require a single component, such as nitrogen, and want it to be supplied to your plants right away, an inorganic fertilizer containing ammonium nitrate may be appropriate.

Organic Fertilizers

Gardeners who use organic fertilizers frequently make up most of their fertilizer needs with plant nutrients in modest doses. On the other hand, these nutrients cannot be used by plants until they have been converted into inorganic forms by soil bacteria and fungi. They are thus typically released at a slower rate throughout the year, especially during the winter when soil microbes are less active.

Organic fertilizers have certain benefits, including improving your soil structure and plant health. Chemical fertilizers can create a crust on the soil and make it hard to work with. They help the water move into the soil and, over time, develop structure. Organics nourish helpful germs in the soil, making it easier to cultivate. They may be more expensive than chemical or inorganic fertilizers because they are less concentrated and give fewer nutrients per pound.

Types of Organic Gardening Fertilizer

Manure is obtained from cattle, sheep, poultry, and horses. It’s straightforward. Manure is regarded as a “full” fertilizer because it contains a lot of organic matter while low in nutrients. Manures, such as organic soil amendments and mulches, are quite helpful.

The dried, powdered blood that is obtained from cattle slaughters is known as blood meal. It is such a rich source of nitrogen that gardeners must avoid applying too much and burning the roots of their plants. To promote green leafy growth, add blood meal to the soil just before sowing.

Bone meal is a finely ground bone. It’s a great source of calcium and has up to 15% phosphate as a by-product from animal slaughterhouses. Bone meal promotes robust root development and fruit growth. When growing flowers, bulbs, and fruit trees, it is frequently used.

Bat guano is kept out of the soil by cave roofs, so nutrients are preserved. It’s high in soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, and minor minerals. Bat guano is usually powdery and can be used at any time of year as a top dressing or diluted in a tea to be sprayed on foliage.

Rock phosphate, which is often ground to the texture of fine crumbs, is made up of calcium or lime-based phosphate rock that is most often crushed. This rock powder contains more than 30% phosphate as well as a variety of trace minerals. Rock phosphate does not leach out of the soil and remains unchanged until absorbed by the roots.

If you’re looking for organic fertilizer, Richlawn’s organic-based fertilizer products are different from all of the above but are the best in the industry.

Richlawn’s Professional Formula is in a category all its own because of the organic material, DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste), included in it. Trace elements and micro-nutrients absent from conventional chemical fertilizers are slowly released over the course of the growing season in the DPW. Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food improves disease resistance and weed suppression by increasing the amount of roots in your lawn. When Pro-Rich is used regularly, hard clay or sandy soils benefit from improved soil texture, allowing deeper root penetration and reducing water usage. Richlawn is the fertilizer for all seasons.

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